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not bad sir

i think you've done pretty well with a simple concept. glad to hear my song in there of course. if you dont mind me askin, did you use a tablet for this animation?

Monkeylovur responds:

If I could afford one :P


i liked the idea. very creepy concept. liked the music :D but it still could have used a bit of work as far as animation. you have an eerie character that would be great for FBF animation, but you decided to go with tweening. An interesting choice, but you made it work. Like i said, i loved the concept, but it needed a little work. maybe some shading... anyways, good work!

cownips117 responds:

lol... I just noticed now I used your music for the main part of this flash.. I have to thank you.. I't really was what made it work out.

liked the music ^_^

Not too shabby! could have used some different angles for the eyes when they came in, but overall It was pretty good. I think the dissolving of the top half of his head was pretty good!

aquaticmole responds:

Thanks a lot. Yeah, I probably should've added more angles, but I think it looks fine the way it is now. I like your music a lot, especially your rendition of the zelda theme. Glad you liked it.

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on(release){if(password eq "foofoo"){gotoAndStop(2)} else {gotoAndStop(1)}}. you missed some }'s. no biggie. pretty helpful though!

Silent-Murderer responds:

i'm really sorry, i made this tutorial really quick because i was going to my job and i needed to post it quick

my Apologies


That was pretty fun! I only suggest making the final boss a little harder! He was so freaking easy!

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that was great! I loved your instrumentation! great composition overall! not to seem like a douche or anything, but would you mind checking out my latest Zelda orchestration and tell me what you think? if not, that's cool. Anyway, great work on the song. oh btw, the only reason I gave you a 9/10 is because the sounds got kind of deafening sometimes. besides that, great job

I was mistaken

I thought originally that this was supposed to be a theme for the show "Afro Ninja" which i am a huge fan of, but then i read the description and realized it was for the Flash artist "Afro-Ninja". now that i know that i can review this properly.

OK here we go:
I liked your instrumentation on some parts, though i was rather upset at the overall lack of bass. I think a good bass line would seriously tie this whole thing together and give it a fuller sound. Of course, by bass i mean the musical tone, not the kick drum because i know there's an overabundance of that in here. This was definitely a joy to listen to, but sometimes, the snare drum was a little deafening/dizzying. Also, i'm not sure if the end was supposed to cut like it did or if the whole thing was meant to loop.

Bitter ranting aside, nice work :D truly fun to listen to

not bad...

but it left me wanting something. i think it took a little too long for the main theme to come in, and when it did, it seemed lacking. i think the melody may have sounded better if it were a slightly different sound, perhaps with less reverb on it. Also, the parts where the music keeps cutting and pounding was extremely disorienting. I also wish that the other part of the song (from kirby super-stars) was in there. I dont want to sound like a dick or anything. I enjoyed the song, i just think it needs a few minor tweaks.

I AM BACK. Whether this means I will put more up here or not is uncertain. We'll see. GERP GERP look, I make music cuz I love it.

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