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Entry #4

requests halted for now!

2008-08-08 04:15:10 by LimblessAvenger

well folks, for now im halting requests. not because i hate any of you or anything (which i may, idk i haven't met you yet). im very busy with a few other things. once they are done and i settle back in, requests will be open again.

until then, you'll have to settle for listening to my other stuff and voting 5 on it. a sad existance, yes. however this is not the time to think about this. just do it. in fact, dont even listen to the stuff! just 5 it, download it, and move on to the next one.

bah... just do whatever you usually do around here, which i am entirely certain does not include reading my news posts.

until later, my little NG cherubs!

limbless <3


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2009-11-19 15:06:18

haha thats awesome!


2009-11-19 15:07:10

oops got mixed tired. you'll see what i meant hah