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2008-05-02 22:22:41 by LimblessAvenger

In case you guys didn't know, i do take some requests. just IM or PM me and let me know a song you'd like me to make and a link to it so i can hear it. Oh and if you give me a link to something stupid, i'll have you banned :D kthxbai!

But really I will...

anyway this goes for you flash artists too! you need music for a movie or a game? just ask! I might say no cuz im generally a busy person, but its the thought that counts.

your NG buddy,



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2008-07-16 06:33:13

cmon do final fantasy!

LimblessAvenger responds:

couldnt just read the post could you? had to go and just say something without thinking to name a song or link to a file. just had to go right ahead and speak without thinking. fantastic. look what you've brought upon the world.... lol jk man. well, kidding about the mean way i said it, but i still need a name and link to something. actually i can't do any requests right now cuz im really busy with other things. i shall put a news post declaring so actually. once im done with what im doing, i'll change it back. feel free to ask me then!


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